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Languages. I personally hate to learn new languages, but at the same time have to do it whole my life. I can bet that not only me. At school, the most hated part for me was the new words. Search, collect and learn - brrrrr.

With time I recognized that vocabulary it’s the most important part of learning new languages, of course, grammar, and practice as well, but without vocabulary, it will be almost useless to learn them.

Words Stack: Beginning

The first idea about this app came in 2016, but as usual between the idea and realization, big canyon. I was scared of competitors, is my idea really needed by users or not, and more, more and more.

Thanks to my wife, she started learning Estonian and could not find a good app to practice vocabulary. I restored my idea.

Words Stack: Development

From the beginning, I started this project as an indie app. I wanted to do all by myself, idea, design, and development. Sometimes I thought it was a mistake. Seemed the design is not good, and the code was not enough maintainable. Sometimes I was lazy or my motivation to build the app did not get the aspiration to keep doing it. And again big thanks to my wife to pushed me to keep doing it.

The core functionality

From the beginning, I cut all unnecessary functionality from the app. The idea was, to release the app ASAP, and then step by step I can add more features.

Languages, Words and Practices This is the core of the app.

Users should add the language pair, they may select from 111 languages from the list (including Klingon), and mark what language they know and what want to learn.

Then they should add the words. For now, in each ward, users may add transcription, and many translations and sort translations by tags. From the beginning, I thought it will be only nouns, verbs, pronouns and etc. But it was a mistake.

And the final part is practice. From the practices, Words Stack will calculate the score of translations. And of course will help you to learn more and more words.

From the start of the app two kinds of practices. Memory card and translation. The first one is simple memory cards, like a quiz. If you have just a couple of minutes in the line or need to repeat the group of words before the exam. Second is a more advanced practice, you have to write the translation

Words Stack: Launch

On the 24th of January 2023, I finally launched the first version of the Words Stack. I appreciate your support of my work and hope the app will help you on the way to learning new languages or extending your vocabulary in the language that you are learning for a while.

Words Stack: Future

This is where it all begins…

I have a lot of ideas and plans for what to do next, some of which you can see on the Roadmap inside the app. A lot is just an abstract idea.

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Konstantin Tšistjakov

Designer and developer of Words Stack

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