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Words Stack in the active development stage. Be ready for the next release.

Words Stack - Version 2

WS: 2.1

Confirmed: To Go

Collaboration Learning new languages is a challenge, much easier to go with friends, motivate each other. From this version you can invite friends to collaborate with you.

WS: 2.0

Launched: 11.02.2023

Sync and collaboration. Started from this version you can use the whole power of synchronisation and to use Words Stack on all your iOS devices

Words Stack - Version 1

WS: 1.1

Launched: 02.02.2023

Focus on iPad users, better control from the keyboard, rich mouse pointer support, multitasking, and Stage Manager.

Also, small improvements for UI/UX, and animations across the app.

WS: 1.0

Launched: 24.01.23

The initial version of Words Stack. All core features are available in this release. 111 languages, tags, auto-translation, multi languages pair support, and more.