Version 2.0

WS: 2.0 - Sync

Released 11.02.2023

The main focus is synchronization

Starting from this version, you may use the Words Stack on all your iOS devices and the data will smoothly sync.

We are using iCloud to sync your data, which means all your data is secure and we can’t read it.

Version 1.0

WS: 1.1 - iPad

Released 2.02.2023

iPad users, this update is for you. We have improved the UI and UX for big screens, and have added some cool features

  • Drop text. Just drag text from a book or site, and drop it into the app. You may check the translation from your glossary or add the new one and learn
  • Keyboard Shortcuts. Control the app from the keyboard

WS: 1.0 - Initial Release

Released 24.01.2023

Learning new words is the most crucial part of language learning. Words Stack app is created to help you on your language learning journey. Just make a language pair, one you already know, in most cases, it is your mother language, and the second one, you want to learn. And start building your vocabulary.


The app is already embedded in 111 languages, and between all of them works suggestions for translations.


  • Memory cards - simple practice. Use it if you have only a couple of free minutes to practice.
  • Translation - best for memorizing new words. You have to type the right words correctly.

More features:

  • Tags - Group your words
  • Multiple translations - not enough one translation, don’t worry add a new one.
  • Auto translation and suggestions